One at a time

I first decided to start a blog about 5 years ago when my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer.  I thought about blogging about my experiences as my mother’s caretaker and the emotional roller-coaster I had just embarked on.  I hoped to reach out to others going through the same and offer encouragement as well as receive it.  Caring for Mom became overwhelming and I found it difficult to write my first post.  file000778929596

Two years later, after mom passed away, I thought about blogging again.  This time around I wanted to blog about my life in general, except there was so much to tell and not much I was willing to expose of myself to the world.  Again, it was difficult to write my first post.

Three days ago I thought I would try again except this time I have no specific topic I want to blog about, so I subscribed to the Daily Prompt to get started.  I did set out a goal for myself this time and that was to complete my first post.  Achieved!

I am committed, focused and determined to meet the challenge before me.  I am committed to being honest and open in my writings keeping in mind that  I am not a writer so this won’t come easy.  At the end of this journey, if I’ve made one connection through this blog then I would consider this another goal achieved.

Wish me luck!

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