The Monster Next Door

The last time I was truly jealous of someone was about 45 minutes ago and the time before that was about 12 hours ago, and before that 16 hours ago.  Actually, I have a standing date with the green-eyed monster every time I open my front door.

IMG_2745One of the perks of living in Florida is that we enjoy year round greenery which is great if you are lucky enough to have a green thumb (which I don’t).  Every day I am faced with the reality that I am a failure when it comes to growing a beautiful Florida lawn.  My next door neighbor on the other hand, seems to pull his off effortlessly. (Don’t be fooled by the gentleman crouched down pulling up weeds, that’s my neighbor’s neighbor.  He works on his lawn everyday.)

I, on the other hand, am known to the rest of the neighborhood as the keeper of the weeds.  And a darn good one at that!   IMG_2751I admit that I am slightly intimidated by my front lawn, and feel defeated even before I work on it, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that it looks like a southern wasteland.  The question is…how much worse can this get? The answer is PLENTY!

This year I decided that before a petition gets started to have me forcibly removed from the neighborhood, I will remedy this eyesore.   I will do the research, I will invest some green, and I will practice on my back yard first.  I accept the challenge!

So far the my lilies are cooperating nicely and have rewarded me with some beautiful blooms.



My Pentas survived the winter and are looking pretty good.



My Cactus…not so much.



So for now, I will continue to hang my head in shame; avoid the neighbor at all costs; mow my weeds when my neighbor is at work and continue to work diligently in the back where no one can see the monster emerging.

OH…did I forget to mention that green is my favorite color!

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