Hello, my name is Diana…

How many times during the span of our lives do we introduce ourselves to others, or fill out documents requiring us to give our name as an identifier?  For me, a day does not go by that I don’t have to say to someone at some point…my name is Diana.

Typically, when we name our children, we name them to honor someone we admire and love, or we find names with special meanings, or we pour over books with thousands of baby names in the hopes that one catches our fancy or flows with our surname, or we have patterns like names that start with a particular letter.

Last week, when I read this story about the 4 year old little girl from Arkansas who identified herself as “Idiot” when asked what her name was, my heart shattered.  This incredible sadness came over me and all I wanted to do is hold her and tell how sorry I was for what these monsters had done to her.  Not only had they beat and abused her, but they had hurled an offensive word at her so many times, that she thought that was her identity.  She thought that was her name.

I am guessing that at 4 years of age, you don’t really know what “idiot” means, but I can assure you that the tone and the circumstances surrounding the use of this misnomer were not intended to nurture and show love to this little girl.  Like this article says, the physical scars will heal but the emotional scars will take years, if ever, to heal.

I visited this woman’s Facebook page and it looked no different that the hundreds of pages I see on social media. Nothing seemed amiss…until you see a picture of this little girl with what appears to be a ligature mark on her wrist.  Now I don’t know if that’s what it is but something happened to that little girl’s wrist that shouldn’t have happened.  I don’t know what dark place these people must live in to think that it’s acceptable to inflict such pain onto a defenseless, little, human being who is totally dependent on the adults in her life.

We need to do better as a society.  We need to be better humans.



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